Zanotto | Rude 2018 | Glera & Bianchetta

210,00 DKK

Zanotto | Rude 2018 | Glera & Bianchetta

210,00 DKK

Punk orange Prosecco from Riccardo Zanotto in Veneto. This is not for beginners, but for experienced wine lovers in the world of natural wine. Grapefruit, honey dew, saffron, light yeast and mineral notes. High volatile acidity that makes you smile for hours. Needed: A couple of friends and a plate of fat pancetta!

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto (Valdobbiadene)

Grape: Glera & Bianchetta

Vineyard: Organic (not certified)

Vinification: Spontanous fermentation with a several days of maceration. No filtration, no clarification, no added sulpher. After the first fermentation the must is bottled and with the rising temperatures in the spring the second fermentation takes place directly in the bottle. No degorgement.

Alkohol: 11%

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