Stoppini | Murato 2019 | Sangiovese

169,00 DKK

Stoppini | Murato 2019 | Sangiovese

169,00 DKK

A rosé or light red made according to an ancient Etruscan method. After crushing the grapes the fermentation takes place in a fiberglass cask where the must and skins are walled inside (murato) using homemade cast, leaving the skins in contact with the must for 30 days in a enviroment without carbon dioxide. The outcome is a fruity and light red/rosé with a slight volatile acidity that gives a beautiful brightness to the wine. Notes of rose petals, sour cherries and herbs makes it quite interesting and more than just the ordinary summer rosé!!

Country: Italy

Region: Umbria (Perugia)

Grapes: 100% Prugnolo Gentile

Vineyard: Organic practices.

Vinification: Must and skins walled inside a fiberglass cask using cast. No fining, no filtration and added sulphur.

Aging: 6 months in fiberglass tank.

Alcohol: 11,5%

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